TENDER NAME . Supply catering services at the Sterts Arts Centre at Upton Cross, Cornwall PL14 5AZ 

Sterts is seeking a caterer to provide on-site catering to a diverse client base. 
• Tenderers are required to visit the site before the tender deadline 
• Tenders to be returned to Sterts by Friday 30th November 2018 
• Successful tenderer will be notified no later than Friday 14th December 2018 
• Contract Start date will be Monday 28th January 2019. 
NB The successful tenderer will be able to gain access to the catering facility for preparation work from 7th January 2019. 

About us 
Sterts Arts Centre is situated six miles north of Liskeard and is made up of three main buildings. The buildings are owned by Sterts charity and currently comprise a café with seating for 30 and an adjoining conservatory with capacity for an additional 30 seated diners. The main business of Sterts is based around a 400 seat amphitheatre approximately 150 m from the café buildings. There is a Studio space adjoining the conservatory with 60 seats. The amphitheatre is used for 4 months of the year but the Studio space is used 12 months of the year, mostly at weekends.
Sterts operates a small conference business and offers its facilities to other organisations and groups. Groups numbering from less than 10 up to 100 require catering. 

The potential client base for a caterer is made up of audience members attending performances in the amphitheatre from mid-May until mid-September. We aim to produce around 90-100 shows in the summer and require catering for them all. We have audience numbers ranging from 50-400. 

The evening catering currently is cooked food served buffet style but eaten at tables between 6.00-7.15pm and tea/coffee snack provision at the interval which is variable in timing. The café is closed after the interval. For matinee performances, (currently 12-15 each season), snack food, (soup, sandwiches etc.), is served between 1.00pm and either 2.00pm or 2.30pm dependant on the start time of the show. Interval arrangements as per evening performances. 

We are willing to consider proposals that do not follow this model precisely.

Other than the summer season there are approximately 6-8 weekend shows September –December and 4-6 weekend shows February- May. The audience numbers for these are smaller. Sterts runs a licenced bar on the same site and provides the bar for all events. 
Anyone wishing to see a detailed breakdown of numbers served in the past three years must apply to the Administrator, Lisa Townsend  at or by phoning 01579 362382.
There are also catering opportunities for conferences and private bookings of the facilities. Details of recent bookings are obtainable from Lisa Townsend. 
There are regular events in the centre that are presently catered for with a light snack/cake service. We also currently have catering provided on an unsupervised trust basis where home-made cakes etc. are supplied to rehearsals, dance and singing classes etc. with an honesty pot. This process is open for discussion/review.
The caterer will be based at the café with servery area and small fully-fitted kitchen capable of preparing and serving hot meals. The caterer will accept responsibility for the loss or damage of any equipment, or monies in their care. 
The caterer will be expected to offer a discount for Sterts volunteers and performing artists. We would anticipate that this be at a level that allows the caterer a smaller margin rather than down to break even figures.

The caterer will be required to provide a plan that explains how they will staff and manage the site as part of their tender return. 

Sterts will let this contract for a period of two years in the first instance; with the potential for extension, subject to negotiation. 

All potential caterers must visit site, as part of the tendering process. Any questions regarding this tender should be submitted to Sterts Administrator Lisa Townsend or Centre Director Peter Woodward 

Summarised these are: 
1. Operation of the Café to support Sterts and to provide a food service to audience members, performers and staff; 
2. Provision of hospitality catering service for conferences and private functions.
3. Operation of Café. The minimum requirement is that it is open for visitors as follows: 
a. May to September, (exact dates TBA) - open daily when there is a show in the theatre; café open 17.30 – 21.30      for evening performances. Open daily when there is a show on in the theatre 12.00-16.30 for matinee performances. 
b. October to April. Open on performance days to same timetable as 3a.
• The café may be opened for longer during the year to allow the caterer to maximise on income opportunities. Such opportunities must be agreed with the Centre Director or Administrator in advance. 
• The caterer will also be expected to provide service in the café for any event that Sterts organises that may be out with the above opening hours. 
• The caterer will be expected to provide a menu for Sterts Café, which has a standard and selection fitting in with the quality and ethos of the organisation. A sample menu is available on request. 
• The caterer will work within the existing online ordering provision for meals and is encouraged to extend this, please refer to this in the bid. The caterer will also be expected to provide a telephone that can be listed in Sterts promotional material. Meals booked and paid for through Sterts website will be settled one month in arrears.
• The caterer will be responsible for the maintenance of all equipment supplied by Sterts in the kitchen and Sterts Café. 
• The caterer is required to submit sample menus with costs as part of their tender return. 
4. Provision of hospitality catering 
Sterts has a developing conference/hospitality business, for groups of 10 up to 100 delegates. 
In addition, we run up to 60 rehearsals, (evening and weekend), in the period February –May each year. There are a smaller number of such events 20-25 in the period September –December. Currently catering is offered on the trust model referred to above under the heading THE CLIENT BASE. The caterer is encouraged to exploit this captive audience.
5. There is an opportunity to run the small open fronted servery adjacent to the theatre. This is currently used for hot drinks, cakes and pasties etc. The operation of this facility is open for negotiation and a proposal would be welcomed. 

1. Fair trade/local business policy. Sterts is committed to increasing the use of ‘Fair Trade’ products in our operations: tenderers must indicate how they will seek to comply with this commitment as part of their tender return. Sterts is committed to increasing the use of local products in our operations; tenderers must indicate how they will seek to comply with this commitment as part of their tender return.

2. Special dietary requirements. The caterer is expected to provide food for a range of dietary requirements, including: vegetarian and gluten free as part of the standard daily service; and others, (e.g. vegan, nut-free) according to specific needs identified in advance of an event. 

3. Staff engaged by the caterer will be able to confirm to clients that such options meet the specified descriptions (i.e. ‘does not contain meat’, etc.). 
4. Financial partnership and business development.  Sterts expects to be paid a rent for use of its facilities. This is negotiable but we would anticipate an incremental increase for the second year of the contract to reflect the likelihood of the business growing. Utility usage within the catering facilities will be included in this rental. The rental fee will be payable in four equal instalments in advance on the first working day of March, May, July and September reflecting the time we anticipate when the caterer will be busiest. Subject to these agreements, the contractor will be able to use Sterts Cafe for their own business use subject to negotiation of an additional fee based on the current hire fees for private events. 

5. Sterts believes there is an opportunity for our caterer to work with us to enhance café use, (conferences, weddings, private parties etc.), and our conference business – and grow this business. We would welcome discussions about opportunities and ways to improve the facility for the benefit of Sterts, our customers and the caterer.
6. Contract management.  The caterer will participate in monthly meetings and allow kitchen access to the Sterts Council member responsible for catering.  The agenda will include the following items but other issues can be raised as required
a. complaints raised if any; 
b. any special events the caterer wishes to organise; 
c. raise any concerns over the operation and viability of the business; and 
d. any general feedback;

7. Staffing. The caterer is required to provide suitably qualified/experienced, presentable and friendly staff to service the above requirements. Adequate provision must be made for sickness/holiday cover. Sterts reserves the right to ask the caterer to remove any member of his staff from site should he/she be deemed unsuitable. The caterer will be responsible for all associated labour costs for supply of the service requirements. Staff uniform. For working in the Café a basic uniform will be agreed and catering staff will be expected to wear this. 

8. Stock purchase The caterer is responsible for the purchasing and stock control of all food and associated consumables. Payment for all stock will be invoiced to the caterers registered address. Sterts expects the caterer to procure and hold sufficient stock on site to offer the full range of the Sterts Café menu throughout any operating day. 

9. Cleaning The caterer is responsible for cleaning all parts of all areas where service provision is required. Where catering has been provided for a function/meeting or event, the caterer will be responsible for clearing away after the event; in good time for other users of the facilities. Table tops must be cleaned and the appearance, cleanliness and safety of the facility must be maintained during service hours by the caterer. Routine daily cleaning of the public areas will be provided by Sterts cleaning contractor before normal opening hours. 

10.  Function bookings may be made by Sterts, or by external organisations hiring Sterts. The caterer will make provision for bookings from both groups and will invoice directly to Sterts or to the external organisation making the booking.

11.  Disposal of waste. The caterer will ensure that all waste is removed from the kitchen/cafe facilities on a daily basis. The caterer is expected to follow Sterts lead and take part in all waste recycling activities (e.g. collection and ‘recycling’ disposal of cans, bottles, plastics) and to fully comply with all food and other waste directives. Sterts will provide a waste collection service.

12.  Customer complaints. The caterer will set in place a formal written customer complaints procedure on commencement of the contract. Complaints, if any, will be considered at each monthly meeting, with a view to developing a continuous improvement programme for catering on the site. 
13.  Modifications to any facility. The caterer is not to make any modifications to any area without the prior written permission of Sterts officers. Sterts will be open to ideas for improvement from the caterer once business has bedded in. 

14. Staff competence/food hygiene issues. All catering staff employed by the caterer must hold appropriate food hygiene certification. Any food and hygiene issues are the responsibility of the caterer and will be dealt with by the caterer and any concerned external body. 

15.  Health and safety. The caterer will ensure all facilities within their working areas are safe and secure and meet all relevant Health and safety regulations. The caterer is to allow Sterts officers or their qualified agent access at any time to carry out ‘Health and Safety’ and ‘Environmental Hygiene’ audits. 

16.  Out of hours access. Access to any part of Sterts can only be gained with the approval of the Sterts Council. The caterer will be provided with their own key to allow out of hours access to the facilities.

17.  Sale of the business. Should the caterer wish to sell the business they are required to advise and consult with Sterts of their intentions prior to sale, as this will affect any contractual arrangements in place. Sterts priority will be to ensure continuity of service to its users. 

18.  Changes in law. The caterer is required to comply with and keep up to date with current Health and Safety, environmental and employment law. These issues will be discussed at monthly meeting. If statutory changes in regulations are not adhered to Sterts has the right to terminate this contract. 

19.  Student work placement. Sterts has a good working relationship with Cornwall Schools Work Placement Scheme and would wish to work with the Caterer, to allow work placement of students in the catering operation. 
Your proposal must contain:
1.  Full Name of the Company including any “Trading as” names 

2.  Home address of Tenderer, details of other Trading addresses and Registered Office            of any Limited Company and name of the individual who will be responsible for the   contract. Address for correspondence if different. 

3.   Email address: We propose this will be the main route of communication 
5.    Management and staffing plan (to include an indication of how many staff you propose)
6.    Initial thoughts of proposals for the operation and development of services at the Sterts. 
7.    Copies of current Environmental Health documentation. 
8.    Food Safety policy and procedures 
9.    Health and Safety policy and procedures         
10.  Sample evening menu with pricing 
11.  Sample lunch menu with pricing 
12.  Sample buffet and hot meals menus for meetings delegates with pricing 
13.  3 years company accounts, if available
14.  Two references, one business and one personal.

An evaluation panel will evaluate the proposals. Evaluation criteria used to evaluate the proposal are, in no particular order: 
• Quality of proposal (35%) 
• Service history record (15%) 
• Experience of management (25%) 
• Strength of marketing/development proposal (25%) 

The deadline for receipt of submissions is close of business on 30th November 2018. Late proposals will NOT be accepted. It is the responsibility of the bidder to ensure that the proposal has arrived by the deadline stated. 

If submitting an electronic copy of the proposal this should be received in PDF format by the deadline. Electronic tender proposals should be emailed to  quoting ‘Catering tender’ in the subject. An acknowledgement of receipt of your bid will be sent to you. If you do not receive such an email it is the bidder’s responsibility to contact Sterts to ensure that the bid has been received. 

If returning a tender by post tenderers must return their tender to: 
The Centre Director.
Sterts Arts & Environmental Centre
Upton Cross, Liskeard. Cornwall PL14 5AZ