STERTS Playwriting Competition 2017 & Casting Details

The results are in and we are pleased to announce the winners of this year's competition

The Winners

Winner: Variations at a Bar by David Neiman

Runner up and Cornish theme winner: The Tregonissey Poisoner by Neil Walden

Runner up: A Fundamental Disagreement by David Gerow


Interested actors are invited to an informal read through of the three winning plays. We hope the directors will be able to form a cast from these readings, without the need for formal auditions. Scripts are available by e-mail if requested. 

Monday 2nd October at 6.30pm

Variations at a Bar (2f 2m) - Winner, to be fully performed
Directed by Mark Sidey
Two spooks (spies) one male and one female meet in a city bar in America in the 1950’s during the McCarthy era. This play is largely a dualogue of witty, pacy, flirty, banter between the two main characters. Character, timing and delivery are everything to realise this play's hilarious potential. There are two smaller roles as the barman (ideally male or a female actor playing it as a male) and another female enters in the last moments of the play.

The two leads can be almost any age but need to be plausible work contemporaries. 
Bob - Barman – any age male actor or female actor playing it as a man 
Woman – any age but believable that she is also potentially another spook.

A Fundamental Disagreement (2m 1f) -  Runner up, rehearsed reading
(unless all actors are unanimous that lines can be learnt within the time scale)
Directed by Peter Woodward 

Ben & Katie a married couple living in London, the husband is a playwright and has an offer from an Italian filmmaker to turn his play into a film. The wife Googles the director and according to Wikipedia he was convicted of rape in China. During the Italian’s visit that evening she presses for the truth and perhaps because of her own past has a different interpretation of rape.  

Natale - Mature actor - accent to be decided!
Ben and Kate -  20’s to 40’s – a generation younger than Natale 

The Tregonissey Poisoner (2m, 2F) Cornish Theme winner, rehearsed reading (unless all actors are unanimous that lines can be learnt within the time scale.)

Directed by Tracey Kerr
Based on a historical murder case in the early 1920’s. Married couple, he’s an insurance salesman, she runs a sweet shop in the village of Tregonissey near St Austell.  The details of the police investigation are relayed to the audience by a police inspector, interspersed with the “live action”. 

Edward Black, in real life he was 36
Annie Black, in real life she was 50
Inspector Trythall - 30’s upwards
Margaret Callaghan - Hotel landlady 20’s upwards

Sterts One Act Play Competition Winner's Night

The climax of Sterts Theatre's project to promote and encourage new playwriting talent in the local area and beyond. A well-known local author will lead a panel of enthusiastic and experienced judges in selecting the three best entries. The author of the first of these will see a fully staged performance of their play, before an audience in Sterts studio, and the two runners-up will see rehearsed readings of their pieces on the same evening. There is also a prize for the best play on a Cornish theme that will be judged by local author and journalist Simon Parker. The Winner's Night will take place on 25th November 2017 at 7.30pm

These were this year's finalists!

Not Relative
Characters well developed with good dialogue and an unexpected ending.

The Tregonissey Poisoner
Interesting use of a character as a narrator interspersing the action scenes.

A Man for all Reason
Good characters with believable lives, histories & futures. 

Road to Manteca
A sensitively written piece with really well drawn and distinct characters.

Mal J Volio
Interesting format dealing with two current social issues amongst young people. 

Starry, starry night. 
A good one act play in a local setting with well written characters and a story that concludes well.

Variations at a bar 
An intriguing, pacy and well thought out exchange between the two main characters. 

The Sea Nest 
Interesting drama, where family secrets and truths are revealed. 

This well written piece has been carefully researched and thought out. 

A Fundamental Disagreement
Good build of tension and an interesting moral conundrum is examined in this play. 

Guillemot Paine
Well written characters and a poignant story set in the West of Cornwall.