Sterts summer season 2018

Directed by Nathan Pavey

Nathan has over 25 years in the entertainment industry. First as a performer on Stage and Screen including Me & My Girl (UK Tour), Spider-Man The Musical (UK Tour) and taking on the challenging role of Head Puppeteer for the Jim Henson Company on SESAME STREET, LIVE (European Tour), playing Oscar The Grouch and Hoots a jazz singing owl. Other work includes the television movie JACK & THE BEANSTALK: THE REAL STORY (filmed at Pinewood Studios) and NO SWEAT (BBC). 

During his career Nathan always had a passion for films, which eventually took over his life. So in 2001 Nathan trained in film-making at North Sydney TAFE which lead onto a degree in Media Arts & Production at The University Of Greenwich. Nathan has worked on many different productions including the award winning Australian comedy show DOUBLE THE FIST. Recently Nathan has been Assistant Editor on the soon to be released feature film WELCOME TO THE MAJORITY for Castle Valley Films and as the editor on the Television pilot PERFECT GAME.

For the last 10 years Nathan has been passing on his skills and knowledge to children of all ages. Working with several organisations including Hen's Theatre Co., Cineclub and Dreamcatcher Media. Nathan has created film, drama and animation workshops for both Brentwood County Council (including UFILM) and St. Albans South as well as working with many schools across the UK. In 2012 Nathan was asked to create a week long summer camp at the world famous Elstree Studios, after being invited back for the summer 2013 for 2 weeks. He returned for a record breaking 3 week film workshop in 2014 and again in 2015.
Nathan is very excited to be asked to work with the talented company at Sterts Theatre and is looking forward to next Summer’s production of The History Boys. 

Audition Workshop@STERTS STUDIO
Wednesday 17th Jan 7-9pm

As part of the audition process for The History Boy, the director will be holding a production workshop on Wednesday 17th January from 19:00 - 22:00. At the workshop you will hear the directors vision and will have an opportunity to go through the audition pieces. During this session possible pairings for auditions will be made. Participation in the workshop is optional and will have no bearing on decisions made at the auditions.

Auditions: Wed 31st Jan 7-10pm at  STERTS STUDIO

Rehearsals: Mondays 7-10 (Saturdays from MAY onwards)


Click on character name for audition script, you can then right click on image to save

The Teachers

Hector : the maverick teacher. His educational and personal aspirations may be somewhat questionable, but the depth of his humanity makes him intensely lovable. Close to retirement age.

The Headmaster: ambitious for his school. Much comedy to be derived from his stiff pretentiousness. Middle aged.

Dorothy: a traditional history teacher but with an acerbic wit and intelligent heart. Close to retirement age.

Irwinthe new teacher brought in to shake up history teaching in order to give the boys a better chance of Oxbridge. In some ways more naïve than the boys, and looking young enough to be mistaken for one of them.

The Boys

The 8 are essentially a team who, between them, should be able to deliver intelligent, witty dialogue, sing, play the piano, recite poetry from Larkin to Shakespeare, speak French and mimic the stars of 1940’s films.

Posner the least mature and probably the most sensitive. Jewish. Gay. Sings. 

Dakin: the most mature and the sexiest. Is having it off with the Head’s secretary but also has a passing interest in Irwin.

Scripps: Dakin’s confidant. Also mature. A writer in the making; at present in a religious phase. (He is Bennett’s pianist, but the pianist could be one of the other boys.)

Rudge: a sportsman, apparently the slowest of the boys but with hidden depths and a surprise up his sleeve (as well as the funniest line in the play).

Timms: the class clown, perhaps.

Lockwoodwitty, intelligent; will become a magistrate.

Aktar: Asian, but, if we don’t have an Asian actor, he’ll become Atkins.

Crowther: confident, cheeky, wants to be an actor. Lockwood: witty, intelligent; will become a magistrate. 

Audition Schedule 


19:00 - 19:30

Poem: Drummer Hodge

They throw in Drummer Hodge..” Page: 54

Dakin, Scripps, Rudge, Aktar, Crowther, Lockwood, Timms.

19:30 - 20:30

Scripps Narration Speech

When Irwin became well known…” Page:35


20:30 - 21:00

Drummer Hodge Scene

Mmm- The important thing is…” Pages: 55 - 56


21:00 - 21:30

Classroom Scene

Pretty dismal if you ask me…” Page:35

Headmaster & Dorothy

21:30 - 22:00


Shall I tell you what’s wrong with Hector…” Page: 67


I’ll tell you why there are no women…” Page: 84