They are the storytellers often in collaboration with the Narrators. They represent the claustrophobic, poverty stricken residents and vagabonds, Dental Assistants, Businessmen and women not to mention Aliens!! I hope to use the chorus to bring huge laughs with moments of surprising slapstick. They also will assist in bringing physical life to the plant in unique ways that are usually overlooked in most productions of Little Shop of Horrors. During numbers like "The Meek Shall Inherit" the chorus will become an haunting operatic force adding real emotional depth and impact to moments of the production.

Gender: Any Gender
Age: Anyone 16 or Over
Vocal Range: All ranges and abilities welcome.

Audition Text

Chorus - Male

"So this is Seymour Krelbourn. We've been trying to reach you baby. Have your phones been busy! Did you get our telegram? The names Skip Snip..William Morris Agency. I'm so glad I came to meet you here in person. Have I got the offer of a century for you kid!

Chorus - Female

"My Darling, my precious, my sweet sweet thing. I am so glad to meet you. So delighted to make your acquaintance. I'd like a word with you lover. I work at life magazine. Well I mean... I am the editors wife. I would love to take photos of you and your lovely plant for the cover".

Audition Song

 "Skid Row" / This will be a group audition so please just familiarise yourself with the whole song.

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