Audition Script for: All these characters will read same "Scripps" dialogue below

Dakin: the most mature and the sexiest. Is having it off with the Head’s secretary but also has a passing interest in Irwin.

Scripps: Dakin’s confidant. Also mature. A writer in the making; at present in a religious phase. (He is Bennett’s pianist, but the pianist could be one of the other boys.)

Rudge: a sportsman, apparently the slowest of the boys but with hidden depths and a surprise up his sleeve (as well as the funniest line in the play).

Timms: the class clown, perhaps.

Aktar: Asian, but, if we don’t have an Asian actor, he’ll become Atkins.

Crowther: confident, cheeky, wants to be an actor. 

Lockwood: witty, intelligent; will become a magistrate.