VERONICA’s ROOM by Ira Levin

Sterts Studio directed By Oksana Wroath


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Wednesday 28th February @Sterts cafe

Saturdays 2pm-5pm

Mondays 7pm-10pm


Thurs 7th June

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Wed 13th June

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The Play

A middle-aged couple, John and Maureen Mackey, bring a young couple, Susan and Larry, to the suburban Boston home where the Mackeys are caretakers. Susan and Larry have recently begun to date, and the Mackeys approached them at a restaurant due to Susan's resemblance to a dead woman, Veronica. The Mackeys explain that Veronica's elderly, senile sister, Cissie, is now their charge, and Susan agrees to dress up as Veronica in an effort to bring Cissie a sense of closure. The year is 1973, but Cissie believes it to be 1935. Larry and the Mackeys leave Susan alone in Veronica's perfectly preserved bedroom.

What follows is a dark thriller by Ira Levin, the writer of Rosemary’s Baby. His genius in the macabre is apparent in every word, twist and turn in this chilling story and the finale of the play will leave an audience shaken to the core as the plot drags them toward its terrifying conclusion.

The Auditions:

You will participate in a workshop audition and whilst reading the play will be advantageous, you will not be required to learn anything in advance.

The Characters:

Woman from late 40s - Needs to be a strong actress capable of playing emotional scenes and willing to dig deep into the character.

Man from late 40s – Brilliant part for an actor – a man torn between the love for his wife and sympathy for the girl to be murdered.

Girl 18 – 30 y.o. – Strong young actress will enjoy this part as it involves very strong emotions and lots of suspense.

Young Man 18 – 30 y.o. – A young man with a good heart but a dark background

Veronica’s Room is a dark thriller which includes some disturbing material and so we are looking for actors who are 18 and over for all of the roles