Agenda for Sterts Annual General Meeting

7.00pm Friday 23rd February 2018@ Sterts Studio, Upton Cross

Chair Glenda Ellis. Minutes Ali Fenn

Minutes of last meeting 24th February 2017 (available to view HERE)

Matters Arising.

Centre Directors report. 

Accountants report. (available to view HERE)
Presented by Sally Reed from Haines Watts Accountants  

Trustee Elections. (See below)*
Standing for re-election; Steve Jefferies. 

Proposal for the ending of certain age related concessionary tickets. Julie Allen. 

Since the foundation of Sterts, Concessionary tickets for “Seniors” have been allowed for Patrons aged 60 and over. At that time 60 was the state Retirement Age for ladies. This is no longer the case and the pensionable age is moving to 65 and beyond. Personally I feel that most 60+ are able to afford full price and any age concession should be for the Under 40's who seem to have the very rough end of the deal at the moment!I would therefore like to propose that: From the start of the Sterts Summer Season, 2019, there is no Concessionary ticket for “Seniors”.

* At the 2017 AGM we had four candidates for Sterts charity board of Trustees although there were only two vacancies. We decided to bring all four on board as we were aware that Glenda and Tony Ellis had announced their intention to stand down at the end of their term of office in Feb. 2018. As a result we have a very large board of Trustees and did not plan to open the board for other members this year. However we have one Trustee who has reached the end of their three year tenure and has agreed to stand for re-election.

So we will have one post available and if you feel that you wish to join the board and stand for election against the existing Trustee please submit your personal statement with the names of two nominees who have to be current Sterts members by midday on Wednesday 21st February 2018.

This is an open meeting for all those interested in the future of Sterts Arts Centre.

Come and have your say at the Sterts AGM. 

Should a vote be required only Sterts members will be eligible to vote.