The Minack Theatre

The Minack Theatre is the most famous open-air theatre in Britain, possibly in the world; from above it looks as though some wandering Greeks, two thousand years ago, had carved a theatre into the granite cliffs of Porthcurno, Cornwall.

In fact, it was just over seventy years ago that there was nothing there except a sloping gully of gorse and heather and below that, the sea of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Minack Theatre, Visitor Centre and Coffee Shop are private property, once belonging to Rowena Cade. In 1976 it was placed in the hands of a specially formed Charitable Trust, of which Miss Cade was the senior trustee. Much of her life's work had been dedicated to creating, building, carving and caring for "My beloved theatre" and she continued to take an active interest in its progress until her death in 1983.