Auditions 2021.

Finally we have been cleared to start Covid secure auditioning for our Summer 2021 season.

There will be three In House productions.

Please click on the titles for more information about  auditions.

Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

After waiting more than a year the cast of The Little Mermaid are going to be on stage in June. Most of the roles will be filled by the original cast, if extra parts are needed there ill be separate notices for auditioning.

Shrek the Musical.

It’s big, it’s exciting, it’s GREEN. We have waited two years for this. The full details for Shrek auditions are here.

The Hypochondriac by Moliere.

A classic comedy featuring a cast of characters that have been played by great names from the theatre including Tony (Baldrick) Robinson and Stanislavski himself!

Auditions will be in a number of formats but you can be absolutely assured that however you audition you will be in a venue where your safety and well being are totally paramount.


We charge membership fees in order to subsidise the performances. It’s expensive to stage a show and Sterts aspires to producing community theatre as professionally as possible. We employ professional artistic teams and ensure that they are properly supported. This is what your membership fee goes on, making sure that you have a good experience being part of a Sterts show.

Invoices will be issued to everyone who signs up for a group or takes a role in a show, this payment needs to be paid at or before the first rehearsal, someone from the office will attend the first rehearsal to take payments to make it easier for people paying. Sterts are able to offer a number of bursaries, and if this would help, you can contact Sarah privately at

If payments are not made, then you will be asked to step down from your role in a show. We are sorry to have to state this, but because of circumstances we have been forced to rely on membership as an important source of funding and we must be seen to be fair to all.

Little Mermaid fees that were paid last year will be carried over.

Thank you again for your understanding and support with this and we are preparing ourselves for a great summer

2021 Fees

Show Fees

£50 Adult per show

£25 Child per show

If you are the parent of more than one child who is in a show or group, there is a 20% discount.

If you are offered parts for more than one show and the cost is an issue, don’t forget the bursary scheme.