November 2019

8th & 9th Nov 2019 - Studio Show

Woman In Mind 

CAMP Theatre

19:30 £10

Susan is one person yet, in her head, she inhabits two worlds – one real, one imaginary. An accidental head injury in her garden results in the appearance of her local, well intentioned but inept GP. As he inadvertently straddles these two worlds Susan’s mind begins to unravel with hilarious hallucinations in which her boring and oppressive life is replaced by her fantasy. We are also selling tickets for the performance at Rame & Maker Village Hall in Kingsand on 2nd November at 7.30pm. Please choose 2nd November if you are booking tickets for Kingsand.

Sat 16th Nov 2019 - Studio Show



19:30 £10

A compelling literary detective story about the turbulent lives of the Brontë sisters - dramatised by Polly Teale and Shared Experience, the team behind After Mrs Rochester and Jane Eyre. In 1845, Branwell Brontë returns home in disgrace, plagued by his addictions. As he descends into alcoholism and insanity, bringing chaos to the household, his sisters write…

Sat 30th Nov 2019 - Studio Show

Sarah McQuaid

19:30 £10

Recently honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Ards International Guitar Festival in Northern Ireland, Sarah’s also drawn critical praise for her voice (which has been variously likened to malt whiskey and melted chocolate) and her engaging rapport with audiences: “I’ve attended hundreds of concerts of all kinds, and her subtle mastery onstage launches her straight into my fave shows ever,” wrote The Huffington Post. 



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