One Act Play Auditions 

One Act Play winners casting/audition information - 8th January from 7.30 in the cafe

One Act Play Performance - 7th March Sterts Studio

Worse Things have happened at Seaworld by Megan Fellows.

Directed by Oksana Wroath. Wining play learned and staged.

Set in Fowey, a dysfunctional family, including a Dad at the start of their transition from male to female, attempt to resolve some old issues whilst packing up the family house. There is also drama between their daughter and her childhood friend who have had different success since moving to London.


Claire – mum – 50’s

Susan/Stuart – dad – 50’s

Jasmine – their daughter -20’s

Naomi – Jasmine’s friend – 20’s



The Seated Queen by Scott Gibson.


Directed by Laura Pearson. The runner up, lots of movement between some of the characters – needs to be learned.


A married couple experiences strange happenings at home and call in a psychic to investigate. Throughout the play there is a ghost of a woman on stage who used to love the husband and now wants him all back! Witty and a little bit dark!



Gina – wife 40’s  

Len – husband 40’s  

Rita – ghost of an ex-girlfriend of Len (age – could she have died young and be played by a younger person)

Cass (Cassiopeia) – self-styled psychic/medium, age not important.



Audience Antics by Andrew Turner.


Directed by Bernice Strickland. Rehearsed reading


A comedy set in a theatre. Two close friends take turns choosing what show to watch and their night out this time ends as none of them could have predicted!


Characters: Julie – outspoken and sometimes coarse mid 50’s

Nina – more refined taste mid 50’s

Peter – another audience member, early 60’s dapper dresser

Ariadne – Theatre critic