SHREK Auditions


My name is Phil Croft and I will be directing this summer’s production of Shrek, alongside Musical Directors Kate Rodgers and Jane Warwick. Firstly, thank you for expressing an interest in this production. It promises to be a really exciting and fun show to relaunch live theatre after a difficult year. As I am sure you can imagine, there are many moving parts to creating any production, but in the current Covid circumstances these are somewhat exaggerated. We have put together this document to be as upfront and clear as possible about the expectations and challenges that we will all face in creating the large scale production we want Shrek to be. Once you have read through it and if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing me at


Shrek is an expensive production. For the last 2 years, Sterts have had the performance rights for Shrek for the summer of 2021, a pre-covid agreement from 2019 that cannot be changed or moved.

As you may already know, Sterts is a registered charity and does not receive regular finances from any arts or council organisations. Its income is almost entirely dependent on box office sales. Due to covid restrictions Sterts (and indeed all other theatres) have spent the last 12 months working at 25% capacity, which ultimately means 25% of the usual income. This simply means that in order to do Shrek properly, Sterts needs more money.

We are waiting on the results of an Art Council Recovery Grant to help Sterts financially to help put us back on the map with a big theatrical bang. Our production of Shrek can only happen if Sterts is successful in receiving this grant. If we are unsuccessful we will unfortunately have to cancel the show and move forward with a different performance (most likely, a fun and positive Broadway Review show, which will be equally as good). We just want to make this clear to everyone getting involved before we start that there is a real possibility that Shrek may not happen.

For the time, we really would love the show to happen and we felt we couldn’t delay auditions and begin rehearsals otherwise we wouldn't get Shrek ready in time if the Arts Council Grant is successful.

I hope you understand our position on this and are still excited by the prospect of our production.

Sterts Membership

In order to be a part of the production, once you are cast you will need to sign up and pay for your Sterts Membership fee via the Sterts website. The cost of this is £50 per adult and £25 per child (bursaries are available). This must be paid before you can proceed with rehearsals. While this covers the cost of most of your involvement with Shrek, there may be a few costume bits we expect you to provide yourself. At this moment in time I do not know exactly what that will be, but for example: you may need to provide your own black long sleeve t-shirt, trousers and shoes.

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