We are looking for 7 actors aged between 10 and 13 to join our Shrek company to play the Seven Dwarfs. I can assure you; you will not have seen the Seven Dwarfs performed in this way before. They are not usually in Shrek the Musical, but I am adding them in.


They will be the kind of mechanics of the production, dressed in high vis and hard hats as though they are on a building site, operating set and specialist props (Pinocchio's nose, exploding birds etc). So, we are looking for girls and boys who can be precise, fun, and are not frightened of being on stage on their own. There are a couple of songs that they will be a part of too.


I want the Dwarfs to be these entertaining characters that the audience enjoy seeing on stage, not just there to move stuff around, I think we can have some fun with them. As well as this, there are a couple of featured roles which we will cast from within our Seven Dwarfs, most notably Young Fiona, who sings in the song I Know It's Today.


We are planning an audition workshop session from 14.00 - 17.00 this coming Tuesday (13th). In this workshop we will do acting and some singing, and then from this we will cast our Seven Dwarfs. Any girls who wish to be considered for the role of Young Fiona need to make sure they know the Young Fiona part of I Know It's Today, which we will look at during the workshop. Here is a link to the Broadway production for you to familiarise yourself with the songThe section to look at begins at 26:28 and ends at 27:58.


Please email me Phil on phil@stertsarts.org to book yourself in to this audition workshop. Please note that we are only after total of 7 performers and the workshop has a limited capacity, so make sure you book, you cannot just turn up on the day. Most of our rehearsals are on Tuesday evenings and Sundays from 14.00 - 21.00, although I don't expect to need the 7 dwarfs every week. You must be available for all performances of the production which are on the following dates:


Production week: 11th - 14th July

Performance 1 - 15th July

Performance 2 - 16th July

Performance 3 - 17th July

Performance 4 - 30th July

Performance 5 - 31st July (matinee)

Performance 6 - 31st July (evening)

Performance 7 - 20th August

Performance 8 - 21st August (matinee)

Performance 9 - 21st August (evening)

Performance 10 - 28th August

Performance 11 - 30th August