Argan - very mature man who believes he’s mortally sick

Toinette - his servant, outspoken woman of any age

Beline - Argan’s new wife, much younger than Argan himself

Beraldine - Argan’s down to earth sister, close to Argan’s age

Angelique - his daughter, lyrical and fragile young girl, 16+

Louise - his younger daughter, spiritual and independent, 10 - 13 y.o.

Cleante - decent young man in love with Angelique, 16+

Bonnefoi - shady notary of any age

Purgon - Argan’s doctor, who exploits his hypochondria, mature man

Mdm Diafoirus - sister to Purgon, mature woman

Thomas - son to Mdm Diafoirus, not very clever, but very ambitious, 16+

Apothecary - a strange figure, could be both male and female of any age.


The auditions will be run individually and in groups.


Characters’ description

ARGAN is the main character, who stays on stage through the whole play. He is a rich mature man who believes he is seriously ill and needs every day attention from his doctor and apothecary. He has lost his first wife and recently remarried to a young woman Beline. He’s infatuated by her and forgets about his two young daughters. He is a nervous, insecure character, who yearns for love and attention.

Involvement in the play: on stage throughout the whole play

BELINE, his younger wife is very clever and cunning. All she’s interested in is to drive Argan into his grave and get all his money. She hates Argan’s daughters and his sister Beraldine and believes that Toinette, the servant, is on her side. Beline’s relationship with the notary Bonnefoi will depend on casting. It could go from purely business relationship to an affair or Beline’s hopes for an affair.

Involvement in the play: 6 scenes out of 16

ANGELIQUE, Argan’s older daughter, a young girl who is in love with Cleante. She is sincere and honest with a strong feeling of duty towards her father. She is a bit of a victim and does not stand up for her rights but allows others to rule her life.

Involvement in the play: 6 scenes out of 16

LOUISE, Argan’s younger daughter, a very young girl. Unlike her older sister, she is free spirited and independent. She is very clever and enjoys taking part in the arguments and dramas in the house.

Involvement in the play: 7 scenes - 1 big scenes, others are smaller with few lines

TOINETTE, Argan’s maid, nurse, companion, a mature woman with a lot of experience. She likes Argan and gets very frustrated when he behaves like an ass towards himself and others. She looks after the interests of Argan’s daughters, knowing that Argan’s new wife would leave them poor and homeless, if anything happens to Argan. Pretends to be a loyal servant to Beline. This part involves a big scene when Toinette dresses up as a man.

Involvement in the play: 12 scenes out of 16

BERALDINE, Argan’s sister, a mature woman. Loves her brother, but disagrees with anything he does. Honest and outspoken, very sarcastic but friendly. She tries to put Argan back on his feet, to look after the interests of Angelique and to get rid of his wife Beline.

Involvement in the play: 11 scenes out of 16

CLEANTE, young man, passionately in love with Angelique. He will do anything to be with her. Honest, very nice young man, who finds the situation with Angelique’s marriage very upsetting.

Involvement in the play: 5 scenes out of 16

PURGON, Argan’s doctor, mean and incompetent, bullying and lying mature man. He wants Argan to believe in his illness, in order to line his pockets with Argan’s money. Moreover, he tries to marry his nephew to Argan’s daughter to strengthen the hold over Argan’s money. He is single, doesn’t have any children.

Involvement in the play: 4 scenes out of 16

MADAM DIAFOIRUS, Purgon’s widowed sister, mother to Thomas, a mature woman. She’s very happy with her son marrying Angelique and is a part of Purgon’s scheme. She tries to justify her son’s actions and protects him. Pretentious and sleazy, could become quite nasty.

Involvement in the play: 4 scenes out of 16

THOMAS, young man, who comes to marry Angelique and, unexpectedly to himself, starts feeling something for Cleante. Not too bright, but still decent and follows his feelings. He is a young doctor, who hopes to make lots of money out of people’s misery.

Involvement in the play: 4 scenes out of 16

BONNEFOI, a notary, a man of any age. The part’s description will depend on an actor’s age. But he is definitely a liar and a schemer. He helps Argan’s wife to cheat her husband out of the money and leave his daughters without an inheritance.

Involvement in the play: 4 scenes out of 16

APOTHECARY, a woman or a man, of any age, who administers Argan’s treatments, mostly enemas and bleedings. Very loyal to Purgon who supplies him with patients and money. His/her hygiene methods are very questionable and should be funny.

Involvement in the play: 4 scenes out of 16

Auditions will take place on Zoom on Saturday 20th March from 2.00pm.


Register with the director Oksana Wroath by Friday 19th midday.

The auditions will be run individually and in groups. If for any reason you cannot make the audition date please contact Oksana for an alternative.

The Hypochondriac by Moliere

The Hypochondriac is a comedy by the French playwright Moliere with an original name of The Imaginary Invalid. It was first performed in 1673. You can read the full play (original text) HERE

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