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Children's Theatre


Sleeping Beauty

11th - 13th Dec 19.00

14th Dec 14.00

Maleficent, Queen of the fairies puts a curse on the baby princess Aurora, but is Maleficent really as evil as the fairy tales suggest? Will Aurora outsmart the Goblin King? Will the Prince ever find his way, and will the love of a mother for her child be strong enough to break the curse and save Sleeping Beauty? Kick off the festive season in style with this brand new magical pantomime packed full of laughs, songs, adventure and maybe the odd dragon!



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The Christmassy Christmas Show!

23rd December 14.00 & 16.00

Squashbox Theatre's show is a celebration of everything Christmassy, from fir trees, fairy lights, sleigh bells and snowflakes to crackers, carols, presents and puddings! Fantastic festive fun for children




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