Keeping everyone safe and entertained

Welcome to Sterts.

We are really very pleased that we are able to open but we have had to change the way that we work to ensure that you are as safe as possible.

· You are part of a small, select audience and we’re determined to look after you, our volunteers and performers.

· There are no tickets on the door, advance booking only online or by phone.

· There are Portaloo style toilets by the entrance and exit.

· Sterts is cashless this season, there are card readers for the drinks and snacks.

· When you get to the entrance you are at the start of a very strict One Way system, please observe this. Make sure that you take everything with you when you leave the car, if you need to go back to your car you will have to walk right around the theatre to come out again.

· You will be reminded to keep to social distancing rules.

· The café has been moved to the sweet kiosk and offers a fairly simple menu of drinks and snacks.

· We will ask you to use our automatic hand sanitiser. If you have sensitive skin and wish to use your own, please ensure that you do this in sight of the stewards when you reach the sanitiser point outside the theatre.

· Half of the rows of seats are closed and the rows that are open are clearly space marked with tape. There is one row that is a walkway only, please do not stop or sit in this clearly marked row.

· When you are in the theatre you will be in another One Way system. You can choose which row you sit but you will be asked to sit as far to the right hand side as you can so that people don’t need to climb over you to get to a seat.

· If you need to go out during the show attract the attention of a steward who will direct you to the correct exit. You will not be able to return to the same seat if this involves significant numbers of people having to move to let you in.

· At the end of the show please stay in your seat until a steward directs you to leave one row at a time.

These rules are for the benefit of all of us and we thank you for observing them.

We’re following the Covid-19 government safety advice for all guests and performers and volunteers to achieve the highest standards. We will monitor guidelines after each performance. The PDF File shows you our audience flow plan in the theatre

Thank you for your support and patience over these last few months. 
We’re delighted that we are able to share Sterts with you again.